How things change

© Kevin Heads 2020

I used to love life,

Young children a loving wife.

Energy a plenty lots of fun,

Arms that worked and legs to run.

Routine days,

Earning cash to pay my way.

Time spent with children laughing,

Capturing memories photographing.

Nights sleeping four in a bed,

Woken often by a slap on the head.

Gazing lovenly as my children sleep,

Tired eyes counting sheep.

Then time passes they've flown the nest,

And I'm fragment past my best.

With weary eyes and pain filled limbs,

I wonder what the future brings.

The world seems different cold and bare,

I look for something but there's nothing there.

I fill my world with words and rhyme,

It soothes the ache and fills the time.

I used to love life,

A fragile balance of love and strife.

Where effort brought a hard earned bliss,

A wife to hug and a child to kiss.

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