A New Cover

I have been busy recently, and not managed to blog much in the last few months. This does not mean I have been idle, far from it.

I have been editing Helga again and made a few small changes, designed this new cover for for my first Michael Saxon Book 'Waterloo' and been cracking on with book two 'Trafalgar' which I hope to publish later this year.

It's been a difficult time what with this virus and a few health issues of my own. Motivation has been a big issue and I'm sure I am not the only one that has suffered in this way.

However I have managed to get into some sort of groove recently and feel better for it.

I have also been getting back into my love of drawing and have enjoyed that immensely. I splashed out and got some quality coloured pencils and plan to share some of my attempts with you all at a later date.

Until then stay safe people.

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