So now that Michael Saxon has been published, I have now turned my attention to my Adult historical novel 'Helga.'

The story is finished and I'm now in the process of editing.

It follows the journey of a young girl from one of the islands near Orkney to Vestfold in Norway around 870 AD. After witnessing the destruction of her village and the rape and murder of her mother, she is left traumatised. Rescued by traders she is taken to Vestfold to start a new life as the adopted daughter of Harald Harfagre.

She struggles to adapt and is constantly tortured by the memory of her mothers death.

The need for revenge overwhelms her and she is determined her mothers' death is avenged.

I thought I would share a little of the first Chapter to give you a feel of what's to come. I hope you enjoy reading this snippet..

My mother told me, that the Goddess had shaped the world. She crafted the mountains, the sea, and all the lands that sat upon it. She forged the animals in her giant fire and placed them where she felt they would best thrive. Then she gathered stars from the night sky and crushed them into a fine powder, mixing them gently with soil and water from a clear mountain stream. From that paste she molded people and we made her smile.

She was so pleased with us that with her breath, she breathed life into her creation and gave us the greatest gift of all… the ability to love.

Yet on that day I saw no love, all I saw was cruelty and butchery. An event of barbarism that would haunt my dreams and remain embedded in my heart for all times.

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