I while back I used to write on Medium, I don't now so don't go looking for me. Although the platform may work for some, I had a few concerns.

I don't want to dis Medium it was just a personal choice for me to leave when I did. However I did write a couple of short stories on there and one in particular got quite a positive reaction from readers, it was called 'Juliet.'

As you know my usual genre is historical, and I don't think that will ever change. However it is good to challenge yourself from time to time and Juliet keeps haunting me and I get the impression that she wants her story told again, but this time in full with more depth.

There are secrets that need to be uncovered and dangers to face. Someone else knows Juliets story, someone you really don't want to meet. But when Stephen meets Juliet at a bus stop, and is captivated by her green eyes and twisted smile, his life will never be the same again.

So I fear I must sit down and write Juliets story. She deserves it and like Stephen I need to know more about this young woman.

Normally I like to write in the morning as the light streams through my bedroom window. It's an ideal time for composing my stories once I've had my toast, marmalade, and two cups of tea to wake me up.

It has worked well for me up to now, however for this particular story, I think I need darkness, a totally different environment to be able to explore the darker side of writing. I need to feel fear, explore the realms of a twisted mind and carve out a dark and disturbing tale.

In the immortal words of Shakespeare...

'Parting is such sweet sorrow' yet that is exactly where this story will begin.

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