Michael Saxon 'Trafalgar'

Finally after months of research, struggles with motivation during the pandemic, I finally wrote the last two words 'The End.' in my manuscript.

Compared to writing 'Waterloo" this has been an effort.

However I really enjoyed the research. I have learnt so much about the men involved, not just Nelson but others that played their part in the greatest Naval battle in British history.

Admiral Horatio Nelson

Admiral Cuthburt Collingwood (One of my heroes)

I think in this modern world, we forget how these men sacrificed so much in a time when things were far different from what they are now.

It is wrong to look back and judge them by the standards that we set ourselves today, instead we should learn more about their world, their lives to have a better understanding of the history involved and of the progress we have made as a society since


After writing about Waterloo I wanted to take Michael onto the sea for a different kind of experience, and although he eventually gets there, a lot happens on land in Cadiz first.

This story is purely fictional of course, with elements of historical fact thrown in. I have again included real people and woven them throughout the narrative.

Michaels adventures were never intended to be historically accurate, they are purely a way to get young people interested in history and hopefully engage them enough to make them find out more about the settings and the people involved.

I intentionally gave Nelson a bit part in this book, although he constantly ghosts his way throughout the story and is ever present.

This is an old fashioned young boys adventure story, woven into the fabric of Trafalgar. Like Waterloo it is about friendship and comradeship. Lives coming together to face adversity, the horror of war, and the importance of duty.

It is a challenge to write something like this and balance it enough to be exciting, but not too graphic.

Writing for adults is far easier especially where battles are concerned.

Now starts the tedious task of editing, rewriting parts then editing again, until I'm happy with it. I really do hate editing, but it's all part of the self publishing process. No editor for me. (Too expensive.)

When will Trafalgar be published?

Well I have set a target for September/October.

I was recently asked how many Michael Saxon books I plan to write?

Well I never set a limit when I started, but now I think that due to the ending of Trafalgar, there will be one more for sure. After that I don't know if I will do anymore. Three is a nice number and I have an idea how the Trilogy may conclude. Never say never mind you, but there are other projects I want to explore and I still have Helga to publish and there will be another book in that series too. So lots to do.

I will of course keep everyone updated on my projects and publication dates and try to blog more often, not just about my books and poetry, but about self publishing in general and other writing topics.

I will also be creating a page for my art, which I have rekindled during lockdown. So watch out for that.

Thanks as always for visiting my website and commenting here and on my social media.

Your input is so important.


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