Poetry an uncomplicated joy

What makes a good poem?

Everyone will have a different take on that, and that's good, the way it should be.

But I want to talk a little about the joy of poetry and what it means to me.

Poetry for me is a means of expression; a way of creating thought, ideas and emotion.

When I write a poem I want people to feel it, with a laugh, sadness, anger, hope or joy.

There is a lot of snobbery around poetry, clever words that few understand, wrapped in lines of confusion that create nothing but questions.

What did that mean?

What was it about?

What was it trying to say.

I have many read many poems that leave me feeling this way, even though they receive fantastic review and accolades, some winning competitions.

I think it is important to recognise here that I am in no way slagging these poems off, far from it. They are aimed at people who will understand them, that will love the complexity of their design. They are the fine wine of poetic excellence and should be commended for their intricate detail and construction.

However there is a fine body of work out there on social media that never gets the just rewards it deserves.

There are verses filled with every emotion you can think of, woven beautifully into expression and creativity that are truly wonderful because of their simplicity.

It is that voice I listen too, it is that language I seek.

The uncomplicated joy expressed from the heart, so simple and so clear.

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