The Beautiful

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

A Darkness within

Photo byJen TheodoreonUnsplash

She's so beautiful,

Every part of her is divine.

The way she drinks her coffee,

The way she sips her wine.

Her hair so dark and flowing,

Curling at the ends.

It frames her perfect features,

And at her shoulder bends.

Slim waste and ample breasts,

Fashionably dressed.

Intelligent and loving,

You can't fail to be impressed.

Her home is very basic,

A minimalist retreat.

Her naked form is sleeping,

Beneath the quilted sheets.

She struggles, but Im far too strong,

As I pin her to the bed.

My hands around her deliticate throat,

I squeeze until the end.

No more breath escapes her lips,

Her eyes no more to see.

My mask removed a final act,

I hope she remembers me.

I take her to the bathroom,

To wash from head to toe.

I squeeze the sponge above her head,

And watch the water flow.

I dry her off, as you would a child,

And pose her on the bed.

I comb her hair and paint her nails,

A dark and ruby red.

I take a single photo,

To add it to the rest.

An album of the beautiful,

My artistry expressed.

© Kevin Heads 2020

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