The Hoppings

Childhood Memories / The quest for a Goldfish

© Kevin Heads 2020

Oh the excitement of a trip to the fair,

Out at night in the dark summer air.

Lights blinking on the city moor,

A golden fish I wish to procure.

A rain filled week a sloppy ground,

Puddles of hope and wonderful sounds.

Screams of fear a ghostly ride,

Trapped on a train with no place to hide.

Spinning wildly on a waltzer whirl,

Dizzy head as your fingers curl.

Deep breaths to blow away,

The sickly feelings the head that sways.

Rock on by the coconut shy,

Grab the beanbags and let them fly.

A direct hit but the nut just wobbles,

Complaints, annoyance, and pointless squabbles.

Hook a duck look for a mark,

Win a fish or a cuddly shark.

Floating choices a bright yellow stare,

Stab and lift but there's nothing there.

Candy floss, chips and donut rings,

Better to eat after the rides and swings.

Save enough for a hot dog feast,

Lathered in sauce a seven inch beast.

One last chance for that golden prize,

A rifle and dart and a rallying cry.

My aim is good the targets fall,

I pick my fish from the fairground stall.

A final ride the bus trip back,

I watch my prize in its see through sack.

He needs a moniker something slick,

Richard, Henry, or better still Dick.

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