Too Many Moves

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

I have not blogged for a while due to two house moves in a month. Yes I know that is crazy, but it was unintentional, as we had only planned to move the once. Things went pear shaped so I'm back where I started.

Anyhow I have not been idle. I have been researching the new Michael Saxon. book and have even started a chapter or too just to get me into Michaels zone. This may change, but I do this to get a feel for the character again and to see where things might lead.

Also I have been reading through Helga after leaving it to one side for a bit. This gives me a chance to read it with fresh eyes so to speak. The editing process is ongoing, but will soon be ready for my daughter to read it and make suggestions and point out all my mistakes, of which I'm sure there will be plenty.

Then I will send it off to see if there is any interest.

On a positive note I found out yesterday that one of my poems Designer Child has been chosen for publication in a forming anthology. This for me is great news as I love it when people read my work whether that be a story or a poem.

That is why I do this, it is my main reason for writing.

I have also been writing on the Medium platform, mainly poetry but also a couple of short stories. If you want to follow me on medium my Username is...

You will see many of my poems on there. Alternatively you can follow me on facebook at:

Or on Twitter:

Hope some of you connect

Now I must get back to unpacking my books

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